Keith Webb


Keith was born in Northern California and grew up in the small farming community of Gridley where he met his childhood sweetheart, Pam. After high school he and Pam married and attended junior college, with the hope that pursuing higher education might point the way to a better and more prosperous life.

Higher education soon turned to hard work, as Keith joined an older brother in the High Sierras as a timber cutter. In 1969 he moved with his young wife to spend the next thirteen years living the life of a mountain man: living hard, working hard and risking life and limb laboring in big timber country. During that time, he and Pam were blessed with four daughters that kept Pam busy as home while Keith struggled to put bread on the table, following work wherever it led.

God is infinitely resourceful, in getting our attention, and the dangers of logging were a daily reality as Keith experienced numerous "close calls" that could have ended his life. Without any particular religious background as a child, Keith became fascinated with Eastern religions, particularly various forms of Buddhism. He had never been impressed with Christianity or with professing Christians in particular, and as far as he was concerned the Bible was just an antiquated book handed down from his grandparents and gathering dust on the shelf.

The tough life of logging and the increasing responsibilities of a family ate away at the foundation of Keith's pride and independence and he realized that Eastern mysticism didn't satisfy his growing hunger to find more in life than hard work, hard living and ultimate extinction in death. In the providence of a gracious God, the answer came unexpectedly when a disarming elderly Christian couple, with a sincere interest in the struggling Webb family, came alongside and built a relationship that became the basis for a new look at Christianity.

A study through the gospel of John brought the Person of Jesus Christ into focus and Jesus' claims to be both God and man were life-changing truths. After several months, God's sovereign grace worked wonderfully to bring about repentance and kindle the faith that led Keith, now age 29, to trust Christ as his all-sufficient Savior and Lord. It was 1977 and marked the beginning of a new direction that took the Webb family to to a small Village Missions' church where Keith was discipled for the next five years, ultimately serving various positions within the church. In 1982 God did two things simultaneously: He moved the Webb's to begin a new church plant in the remote mountain community of Big Bend and with that also came the opportunity of attending Shasta Bible College in Redding, some 50 miles away. It was there during that time that Keith and Barry McGee first met and began a friendship that has lasted over thrity years.

God graciously blessed the church plant in Big Bend and after nine years, the Lord called Keith to move his famly again, this time to pastor in Montgomery Creek, where he served for twenty-five years until his retirement in January of 2015.

In 2009, Keith's beloved wife of 44 years was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a relatively rare blood cancer, and after two difficult and painful years the Lord Jesus won the battle, taking her home to be with Him in glory. Sincerely thankful for the hope she had in Christ and rejoicing that her suffering was forever ended, for the next couple of years Keith prayerfully sought direction from the Lord as he continued his ministry in Montgomery Creek.

Once again, in God's providence, God's grace is not only amazing but also surprising and in 2013 God kindly intrduced a wonderful blessing in the person of Patricia Christians, who became a precious friend and wonderful companion to share together with Keith, life and ministry. Keith and Patti were married in March of 2013, both firmly convinced that God has called them to finish their lives together and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by His grace and for His glory. Keith and Patti, combined, have six daughters and eight frisky grandchildren.

Keith completed his degree in Biblical Studies at Simpson University in 1992, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He has continued training at Cornerstone Seminary in Vallejo, California in the M.Div. program and is joyfully serving as co-pastor with Barry at Redding Community Bible Church.